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The newest addition on the space shooter RPG Steam Greenlight list is The Black Beyond, an indie single-player adventure made by Mean Games LLC. It is the result of nine months of work and it aims at a summer 2016 launch. Is it worth your vote? only you can decide, but I am going to try and help you with the decision.

This adventure lets you explore the universe with a ragtag team of misfits. You can master over 15 class skills and you will fight in the battles of your life! As an interstellar action RPG, The Black Beyond lets you customize your ship in offensive and defensive abilities; plus, you can explore all sorts of nooks and crannies with side quests and special items.




You get three ship classes (frigate, corvette, dreadnaught) with unique skills and abilities that you can further customize as you level up. You start your adventure at level one, but you can increase in power, knowledge and combat prowess until you become unbeatable.


This adventure tells you the story of life between the stars after humanity has already colonized the black beyond. A team of misfits is dragged into a dangerous mystery situation controlled by pirates, corporations, and the military. Instead of just finishing a simple job, your team becomes entwined in a galactic mystery with somber consequences.

You can play the game with WASD keys and a mouse, or you can use a controller, as this indie title features full controller support. The community is pretty pumped up about the game, loving the graphics and effects.

The Black Beyond is up for voting on the Steam Greenlight page and you too can help it become a real game! It is still in development and it will release in the summer as a complete game, according to its creators. Until then, we can only check on the game page and keep up with the updates.