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Are you enjoying your farming experience but you would like to change one or two things? Is time never enough when you want to increase your farm and explore the Stardew Valley world? Well, then maybe a mod is just the thing for you! The indie farming and social simulator launched a little while ago and it already has a ton of mods available for you to enjoy.

Some mods are visual, some are technical and they will all improve your gaming experience in Stardew Valley. You can change the way your farm animals look or the icons for the characters you can socialize with and you can stop or change time! But you will only be able to do so if you learn to use some mods.

How do I install a mod on Stardew Valley?

Basically, any mod file is a (simple) modification in the game’s XNB files and all you have to do is:

→ download the modified XNB

→ find the corresponding XNB file in the game “Content” folder/subfolder

→ replace the original XNB file with the downloaded one.

Don’t forget to make back-ups for your original files before changing them, just in case you may want to revert to the original game in the future.

Some modes will require an additional Stardew Modding API or SMAPI that you will have to install previously to applying mods. It is a community-made API that gets upgrades from time to time and it allows users to use DLL mods.

In order to install these mods you have to install the SMAPI (which you can find on GitHub) and then you will download DLL files which you will place into the SMAPI mod folder. On the bright side, going through all of these changes will help you more, because mods that need SMAPI will make stronger changes like allowing you to modify time length.

If you want to know more about Stardew Valley mods, you can check out our favorite mods for the game in our dedicated article! Enjoy your game!


Photo source: Gamerant