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Battlefield 1 is official and its official trailer is also upon us, amid much uproar and controversy from the gaming community, no less. Electronic Arts had no choice but to release the news and the trailer last weekend. It appears we will be playing a World War I-themed shooter in all of its nostalgic glory.


The new Battlefield game will be multiplayer oriented with up to 64-player battles that will take place in various battlegrounds of the world. The multiplayer feature will be – of course – accompanied by the campaign, which will develop the story of multiple characters.



Battlefield 1 will launch on October 21st, but it may be available prior to that (up to the 18th) to adventurers who pre-order the Early Enlister Edition. It will be available on EA Play starting June and it will offer pre-release access opportunities for Battlefield Insider and Origin Access members.


Source: PCGamer